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Which of these physiological changes would not be considered part of the sympathetic fight-or-flight response?

  1. increased heart rate
  2. increased sweating
  3. dilated pupils
  4. increased stomach motility

Which type of fiber could be considered the longest?

  1. preganglionic parasympathetic
  2. preganglionic sympathetic
  3. postganglionic parasympathetic
  4. postganglionic sympathetic

Which signaling molecule is most likely responsible for an increase in digestive activity?

  1. epinephrine
  2. norepinephrine
  3. acetylcholine
  4. adrenaline

Which of these cranial nerves contains preganglionic parasympathetic fibers?

  1. optic, CN II
  2. facial, CN VII
  3. trigeminal, CN V
  4. hypoglossal, CN XII

Which of the following is not a target of a sympathetic preganglionic fiber?

  1. intermural ganglion
  2. collateral ganglion
  3. adrenal gland
  4. chain ganglion

Which of the following represents a sensory input that is not part of both the somatic and autonomic systems?

  1. vision
  2. taste
  3. baroreception
  4. proprioception

What is the term for a reflex that does not include a CNS component?

  1. long reflex
  2. visceral reflex
  3. somatic reflex
  4. short reflex

What neurotransmitter will result in constriction of the pupil?

  1. norepinephrine
  2. acetylcholine
  3. epinephrine
  4. serotonin

What gland produces a secretion that causes fight-or-flight responses in effectors?

  1. adrenal medulla
  2. salivatory gland
  3. reproductive gland
  4. thymus

Which of the following is an incorrect pairing?

  1. norepinephrine dilates the pupil
  2. epinephrine increases blood pressure
  3. acetylcholine decreases digestion
  4. norepinephrine increases heart rate

Which of these locations in the forebrain is the master control center for homeostasis through the autonomic and endocrine systems?

  1. hypothalamus
  2. thalamus
  3. amygdala
  4. cerebral cortex

Which nerve projects to the hypothalamus to indicate the level of light stimuli in the retina?

  1. glossopharyngeal
  2. oculomotor
  3. optic
  4. vagus

What region of the limbic lobe is responsible for generating stress responses via the hypothalamus?

  1. hippocampus
  2. amygdala
  3. mammillary bodies
  4. prefrontal cortex

What is another name for the preganglionic sympathetic fibers that project to the heart?

  1. solitary tract
  2. vasomotor nerve
  3. vagus nerve
  4. cardiac accelerator nerve

What central fiber tract connects forebrain and brain stem structures with the hypothalamus?

  1. cardiac accelerator nerve
  2. medial forebrain bundle
  3. dorsal longitudinal fasciculus
  4. corticospinal tract

A drug that affects both divisions of the autonomic system is going to bind to, or block, which type of neurotransmitter receptor?

  1. nicotinic
  2. muscarinic
  3. α-adrenergic
  4. β-adrenergic

A drug is called an agonist if it ________.

  1. blocks a receptor
  2. interferes with neurotransmitter reuptake
  3. acts like the endogenous neurotransmitter by binding to its receptor
  4. blocks the voltage-gated calcium ion channel

Which type of drug would be an antidote to atropine poisoning?

  1. nicotinic agonist
  2. anticholinergic
  3. muscarinic agonist
  4. α-blocker

Which kind of drug would have anti-anxiety effects?

  1. nicotinic agonist
  2. anticholinergic
  3. muscarinic agonist
  4. α-blocker

Which type of drug could be used to treat asthma by opening airways wider?

  1. sympatholytic drug
  2. sympathomimetic drug
  3. anticholinergic drug
  4. parasympathomimetic drug
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