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What type of receptor cell is responsible for transducing pain stimuli?

  1. mechanoreceptor
  2. nociceptor
  3. osmoreceptor
  4. photoreceptor

Which of these cranial nerves is part of the gustatory system?

  1. olfactory
  2. trochlear
  3. trigeminal
  4. facial

Which submodality of taste is sensitive to the pH of saliva?

  1. umami
  2. sour
  3. bitter
  4. sweet

Axons from which neuron in the retina make up the optic nerve?

  1. amacrine cells
  2. photoreceptors
  3. bipolar cells
  4. retinal ganglion cells

What type of receptor cell is involved in the sensations of sound and balance?

  1. photoreceptor
  2. chemoreceptor
  3. mechanoreceptor
  4. nociceptor

Which of these sensory modalities does not pass through the ventral posterior thalamus?

  1. gustatory
  2. proprioception
  3. audition
  4. nociception

Which nucleus in the medulla is connected to the inferior colliculus?

  1. solitary nucleus
  2. vestibular nucleus
  3. chief sensory nucleus
  4. cochlear nucleus

Visual stimuli in the upper-left visual field will be processed in what region of the primary visual cortex?

  1. inferior right
  2. inferior left
  3. superior right
  4. superior left

Which location on the body has the largest region of somatosensory cortex representing it, according to the sensory homunculus?

  1. lips
  2. thigh
  3. elbow
  4. neck

Which of the following is a direct target of the vestibular ganglion?

  1. superior colliculus
  2. cerebellum
  3. thalamus
  4. optic chiasm

Which region of the frontal lobe is responsible for initiating movement by directly connecting to cranial and spinal motor neurons?

  1. prefrontal cortex
  2. supplemental motor area
  3. premotor cortex
  4. primary motor cortex

Which extrapyramidal tract incorporates equilibrium sensations with motor commands to aid in posture and movement?

  1. tectospinal tract
  2. vestibulospinal tract
  3. reticulospinal tract
  4. corticospinal tract

Which region of gray matter in the spinal cord contains motor neurons that innervate skeletal muscles?

  1. ventral horn
  2. dorsal horn
  3. lateral horn
  4. lateral column

What type of reflex can protect the foot when a painful stimulus is sensed?

  1. stretch reflex
  2. gag reflex
  3. withdrawal reflex
  4. corneal reflex

What is the name for the topographical representation of the sensory input to the somatosensory cortex?

  1. homunculus
  2. homo sapiens
  3. postcentral gyrus
  4. primary cortex
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