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American Government 3e

Review Questions

American Government 3eReview Questions


Which of the following is not an agent of political socialization?

  1. a family member
  2. a religious leader
  3. a teacher
  4. a U.S. senator

How are most attitudes formed?

  1. in adulthood, based on life choices
  2. in childhood, based on early childhood experiences
  3. in college, based on classes and majors
  4. after college, based on finances

________ political content is given by a media source that lets the reader or viewer know upfront there is a political bias or position.

  1. Overt
  2. Covert
  3. Explanatory
  4. Expository

Where do your beliefs originate?


Which agents of socialization will have the strongest impact on an individual?


The Bradley effect occurs when people ________.

  1. say they will vote for a candidate based on the candidate’s name
  2. say they will vote against a candidate because of the candidate’s race
  3. say they will vote for a candidate but then vote against that candidate
  4. say they will vote in the next election but instead stay home

Which of the following is not part of a scientific poll design?

  1. a leading question
  2. a random sample
  3. a representative sample
  4. a low margin of error

A poll states that Hillary Clinton will receive 43 percent of the vote. There is an 8 percent margin of error. What do you think of the poll?

  1. It is a good poll and the margin of error is small.
  2. It is a good poll and the margin of error is acceptable.
  3. It is a non-representative poll and the margin of error is too high.
  4. The poll accurately predicts Clinton will receive 43 percent of the vote.

Why do pollsters interview random people throughout the country when trying to project which candidate will win a presidential election?


How have changes in technology made polling more difficult?


Why are social policies controversial?

  1. They require people to accept the authority of the government.
  2. They require government to balance the rights and liberties of different groups.
  3. They require the government to increase spending.
  4. They require a decrease in regulations and laws.

Which factor affects congressional approval ratings the most?

  1. presidential actions
  2. foreign events
  3. Supreme Court actions
  4. domestic events

Which institution has the highest average public approval ratings?

  1. the presidency
  2. the U.S. House of Representatives
  3. the U.S. Senate
  4. the Supreme Court

Why might one branch’s approval ratings be higher than another’s?


When are social and economic issues more likely to cause polarization in public opinion?


How do polls affect presidential elections?

  1. Polls help voters research information about each of the candidates.
  2. Polls tell voters the issues that candidates support.
  3. Polls identify the top candidates and the media interview those candidates.
  4. Polls explain which candidates should win the election.

Presidential approval ratings ________ over a president’s term of office.

  1. increase
  2. decline
  3. stay relatively stable
  4. seesaw

Which body of government is least susceptible to public opinion polls?

  1. the president
  2. U.S. Senate
  3. U.S. House of Representatives
  4. U.S. Supreme Court

Why would House of Representative members be more likely than the president to follow public opinion?


How do the media use public opinion polls during election season?

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