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American Government 3e

Critical Thinking Questions

American Government 3eCritical Thinking Questions


In what ways is the court system better suited to protect the individual than are the elected branches of the government?


On what types of policy issues do you expect the judicial branch to be especially powerful, and on which do you expect it to exert less power?


Discuss the relationship of the judicial branch to the other branches of government. In what ways is the judicial more powerful than other branches? In what ways is SCOTUS less powerful than other branches? Explain.


What should be the most important considerations when filling judge and justice positions at the federal level? Why?


The shirking of jury duty is a real problem in the United States. Give some reasons for this and suggest what can be done about it.


Take a closer look at some of the operational norms of the Supreme Court, such as the Rule of Four or the prohibition on cameras in the courtroom. What is your opinion about them as long-standing traditions, and which (if any), do you believe should be changed? Explain your answer.

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