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American Government 2e

Review Questions

American Government 2eReview Questions


The Great Compromise successfully resolved differences between ________.

  1. large and small states
  2. slave and non-slave states
  3. the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution
  4. the House and the Senate

While each state has two senators, members of the House are apportioned ________.

  1. according to the state’s geographic size
  2. based on the state’s economic size
  3. according to the state’s population
  4. based on each state’s need

The process of redistricting can present problems for congressional representation because ________.

  1. districts must include urban and rural areas
  2. states can gain but never lose districts
  3. districts are often drawn to benefit partisan groups
  4. states have been known to create more districts than they have been apportioned

Which of the following is an implied power of Congress?

  1. the power to regulate the sale of tobacco in the states
  2. the power to increase taxes on the wealthiest one percent
  3. the power to put the president on trial for high crimes
  4. the power to override a presidential veto

Briefly explain the benefits and drawbacks of a bicameral system.


What are some examples of the enumerated powers granted to Congress in the Constitution?


Why does a strong presidency necessarily sap power from Congress?


Senate races tend to inspire ________.

  1. broad discussion of policy issues
  2. narrow discussion of specific policy issues
  3. less money than House races
  4. less media coverage than House races

The saying “All politics is local” roughly means ________.

  1. the local candidate will always win
  2. the local constituents want action on national issues
  3. the local constituents tend to care about things that affect them
  4. the act of campaigning always occurs at the local level where constituents are

What does Campbell’s surge-and-decline theory suggest about the outcome of midterm elections?


Explain the factors that make it difficult to oust incumbents.


A congressperson who pursued a strict delegate model of representation would seek to ________.

  1. legislate in the way he or she believed constituents wanted, regardless of the anticipated outcome
  2. legislate in a way that carefully considered the circumstances and issue so as to reach a solution that is best for everyone
  3. legislate in a way that is best for the nation regardless of the costs for the constituents
  4. legislate in the way that he or she thinks is best for the constituents

The increasing value constituents have placed on descriptive representation in Congress has had the effect of ________.

  1. increasing the sensitivity representatives have to their constituents demands
  2. decreasing the rate at which incumbents are elected
  3. increasing the number of minority members in Congress
  4. decreasing the number of majority minority districts

How has the growing interpretation of earmarks and other budget allocations as corruption influenced the way congresspersons work?


What does polling data suggest about the events that trigger exceptionally high congressional approval ratings?


House leaders are more powerful than Senate leaders because of ________.

  1. the majoritarian nature of the House—a majority can run it like a cartel
  2. the larger size of the House
  3. the constitutional position of the House
  4. the State of the Union address being delivered in the House chamber

A select committee is different from a standing committee because ________.

  1. a select committee includes member of both chambers, while a standing committee includes only members of the House
  2. a select committee is used for bill reconciliation, while a standing committee is used for prosecutions
  3. a select committee must stay in session, while a standing committee goes to recess
  4. a select committee is convened for a specific and temporary purpose, while a standing committee is permanent

Explain how the committees demonstrate a division of labor in Congress based on specialization.


Stopping a filibuster requires that ________.

  1. a majority of senators agree on the bill
  2. the speaker steps away from the podium
  3. the chamber votes for cloture
  4. the Speaker or majority leader intervenes

Saying a bill is being marked up is just another way to say it is being ________.

  1. tabled
  2. neglected
  3. vetoed
  4. amended

The key means of advancing modern legislation is now ________.

  1. committees
  2. the actions of the leadership
  3. the budget process
  4. the filibuster

Briefly explain the difference between the classic model of legislating and the modern process.

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